Tao Shi


B.A. Sun Yat-sen University

M.A. Peking University

Areas of Interest

Field excavation, settlement archaeology, and archaeobotany at Sichuan.


Tao Shi was raised in Sichuan, China. He earned his B.A. in Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, and his M.A. in Peking University, Beijing. During his eight years at university, he participated in the excavation in Baligang site in Middle Yangtze River and is currently writing the excavation report of this site. He also participated in three excavations in Sichuan over a two-year period. His master’s thesis focused on the analysis of plant remains in Sichuan Province from the Neolithic to Bronze Age. He is interested in field excavation, settlement archaeology, archaeobotany, and GIS. At University of California Los Angeles, he will continue his research on Sichuan and the Middle Yangtze River 


Sichuan and the Middle Yangtze River 

Field Experience

Middle Yangtze River; three excavations in Sichuan


Dr. Lothar von Falkenhausen

Dr. Li Min