Adam DiBattista


 B.A. Archaeology, Boston University

Areas of Interest

Iron and Bronze Age Anatolia, GIS, Stable Isotope Analysis, Zooarchaeology, Remote Sensing.


Adam Dibattista originally hails from New Jersey. He received his B.A. in Archaeology from Boston University in 2014. In his honors thesis Adam analyzed sheep and goat molars for their strontium isotope content, proposing new approaches to understanding the decision- making processes of mobile pastoralists in Anatolia based on isotopic analysis and GIS. He has conducted fieldwork in Italy and, most recently, in Turkey at the site of Kaymakci. In addition to excavation, Adam worked extensively to help catalog and analyze the faunal material at Kaymakci. He hopes to continue to explore the interactions between imperial and resident populations there while at University of California Los Angeles, where he will be working with Dr. Aaron Burke.


The interactions between imperial and resident populations; combining data-driven technologies like stable isotope analysis and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to investigate the movement of people and objects across the landscape.

Field Experience

 Italy and, most recently, in Turkey at the site of Kaymakci.


The Change in Rite: From Inhumation to Cremation During the Greek Dark Ages.” The Vexillum. 2012 


Dr. John Papadopoulos