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Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Scholarships
The Cotsen Institute of Archaeology (CIoA) has established twenty (20) scholarships to support students participating in UCLA Archaeology Field Programs. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible and encouraged to apply. Scholarships are available to both UC and non-UC students. CIoA scholarship applications are due March 5, 2010. You can learn more about these scholarships on the application that is available to download.
Archaeological Institute of America Scholarships
Several $1,000 scholarships are available for field school applicants.
Israel Field Programs Scholarships
There are two scholarships available for students attending the UCLA Israel Field Program. A Gilbert Foundation Grant of $1,500 and a Bar-Zemer Funds Grant of $1,000 will be applied toward program fees of the chosen field school. Grants are available to both UC and non-UC undergraduate or graduate students. The PDF below contains application information for both grants.
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